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How do customers perceive my brand?
What positioning does my brand have?
What brands do my clients know?
What are the main products of my competitors?
Is my brand proposal a valuable offer for the market?
What is the health of my brand at the moment?
Where should I direct my brand strategies?
How strong is my brand?
How can I improve the image of my brand?
How can I better communicate my brand to my consumers?
Are there elements that are damaging the health of the brand?
What are the best means of communication to speak to my clients?
Do my clients have an event in mind that damages the image of my brand?
What brands in the category are consumers aware of?
What set of brands in the category do consumers have in mind?
Which brands in my category are the most consumed?
How satisfied are my clients with my brand?
Has the experience with my brand been satisfactory?
How has the experience of my consumers been with other brands?
What do consumers value most about my brand?
Do my clients give a favorable recommendation of my brand or product?
What is my recommendation rate (NPS)?
What is the most beloved brand of my consumers?
What is the most loved brand in the category?
How strong is my brand architecture?
Do my clients associate my brand with my company?
How do you evaluate my customer service?
How do my clients evaluate my attention to them?
How do my customer service centers help build a good brand experience?
Is my customer service center promoting a good brand experience?
What opinion do my clients have of my attention centers?
What brand’s actions would help me increase my engagement with consumers?
Have my consumers seen my advertising?
What actions trigger my advertising?
Does my advertising help me buy more?
What brand values ​​do consumers recognize through my advertising?
What brand personality do I have before clients?
Is the personality of my brand the one that I want to reflect on customers?
What are the attributes of my brand that are most valued?
What characteristics of my brand are not so highly valued?
Are my social awareness efforts having an impact on my brand?
Are my event sponsorships having an impact on my brand?
Are my efforts to protect the environment having an impact on my brand?
How have my clients assessed the reactions I have had to my brand crises?
What has been the favorite brand of my consumers at certain moments of time?
What media have the most reach in my target audience?
What means of communication are most effective in achieving advertising impacts on my objective target?
What times of the year are most active in advertising communication in my category?
What is expected of brands in my category at the moment?
What are the expectations of innovation of a brand in my category?
What results have my advertising given in the positioning of my brand?
How has the purchase intention of my product changed throughout the year?
What set of brands have my consumers tried?
What brands are at the top of mind in my category?
What elements are the most valued of my brand?
What characteristics of the competing brands are the most valued?
How has my brand perception changed over time?
How has the brand of my competitors grown?
At what times of the year are my competitors most active in their brand communication?
What advertising messages have managed to stay in the minds of my consumers?
What opinion do my consumers have of my advertising messages?
Are my advertising messages arousing curiosity about my product?
How has my brand positioning changed?
Which brands have increased their knowledge of consumers?
Have my brand actions managed to increase my engagement with consumers/clients?
Does my advertising help them to know me more?
How has the consumer perception of my brand changed?
Has my brand image improved?
What brands in my category have increased their consumption?
Has my customer satisfaction with my brand changed?
Has the number of clients/consumers that you recommend increase?
Have I increased the number of clients/consumers who consider me their favorite brand?
Do my customers/consumers identify a change in my customer service?
How do customers perceive my brand against my competitors over time?
Have my advertising efforts made more people know about my brand?
How can I optimize my television schedule?
What are the best times to schedule on television?
What are the best channels to guide on television?
What is the advertising strategy that I should follow?
Which products in my category are the ones that are having the greatest pattern?
What channels are my competitors broadcasting commercials on?
How long are my competitors in the air?
How many commercials do an average brand in my category transmit?
What is the share of air emissions of the category?
What is the volume of products advertised on the air?
How aggressive is my television strategy vs. that of my competitors?
Does my guideline correspond to the plan I contracted with the television station?
How many commercial pieces are my competitors broadcasting?
At what times are my competitor’s advertising?
In which channels are my competitor’s advertising?
What products in my category are the ones that are having more patterns?
What brands are the most patterned in my category?
How much television exposure is my brand have?
How is the industry shaped?
What are the market trends?
What is the market size?
SMEs Who are my strongest competitors?
SMEs Who are the consumers who locate my brand?
SMEs What values are my brand building?
SMEs What values ​​do consumers see in the strongest competitors?
SMEs How loyal are the customers of my competitors?
SME How satisfactory is the experience with my competitors?
SMEs What are the leading brands in my category?
What is the reputation of my brand online?
What is the consumer response to my brand content?
Who are the fans of my brand?
Who are the detractors of my brand?
Where is my brand most talked about?
What themes is my brand associated with?
Who are the main competitors in the category?
What is the supply of products on the market?
What are the price ranges of the category?
What added values ​​do my competitors offer?
How is the purchase route of my competitors?
What innovations or opportunities exist in the market?
Where am I competitively vs the market?