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What is Spot On:

Spot On is the 'must have insight and research tools' that every organization needs to utilize, before implementing concepts, services and strategies. It's designed to provide deeper insights for creators, marketers and organizations, who want to test, learn and out pace competitors in the marketplace.

It is affordable, faster and better, in producing real insights from real people.

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A forward-thinking platform for forward-thinking brands

Spot On uses proprietary Artificial Intelligence that replicates the way a human expert analyzes data and impressions to select important data points. We then present the data in reports or within the customer dashboard.

Real People, Real Insights, Real Results.

Our proprietary tools:


Interact with real consumers. With tru:answer you can not only see, hear and feel the person behind the words. With our sentiment analysis you gain real insights and meaning.


Immediately collect second-by-second ratings of any video. E.g. Ads, campaigns, promotions and more...


Pictures are worth 1,000 words. Collect 1,000's of images at scale of what real people consume, services they interact with and where their true interests lie.


Eliminate text answers by capturing participant voice responses for a more fluid, natural and accurate response.

Why do your customers need Spot On?

Spot on is TOTALLY different than standard research platforms. It’s designed to get never before possible insights by real consumers and made for short attention and concentration spans while providing deeper engagement.

Faster, Better & Affordable

Spot On provides data and insights faster, better and more affordable than any competitors offering or tools.

No more waiting weeks to get in-person insight reports. Get data live and reports in as little as 24 hours. Imagine the cost and time saving in travel, facilities, transportation etc. etc.

Increased confidence rate, and up to 3X deeper insights at scale vs traditional qualitative research. In other words; faster and better.

Why Become a Reseller?

Be the expert for your clients/customer!

Do what you do best, and we take care of the rest! Spot On allows you to shine by providing your clients/customers a system that is affordable and flexible to meet the needs of any organization. While adding an additional revenue stream for your business..


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Who is behind Spot On?

Spot On is developed by one of the world’s largest independent innovation and research agency trusted by the mega brands and Fortune500 companies like:

...and many more!

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