The world’s only tool where you truly can SEE your real customers in the eyes and HEAR their voice.

The A-to-Z ‘must have’ insight tool that, for the first time, allows see and hear customers insights on a quantitative scale. We call it QualQuantTM - powered by AI – so you can be spot on every time!

Seeing and hearing is believing!

Seeing and hearing is believing!

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Spot On is the insight and research tool every project needs before implementing concepts, services and strategies. It’s designed to provide deep insights for creators and organizations who want to test, learn and move faster in the marketplace with superior consumer insights.

Competitively priced; with increased speed to market, while providing 3x deeper insights at scale vs traditional methodologies.


Qualitative and Quantitative results at scale.


A global panel with over 6 Million general, expert and exclusive participants.

87% faster

Result turnaround is up to 87% faster.

deep insights

Get deep insights easily with proven automated solutions.

A forward-thinking platform for forward-thinking brands

With the “new normal,” you’ll need insights and data now more than ever.
Pre-historic data is obsolete now. Spot On has the solution to equip companies with post pandemic targeted data and insights.

We make it simple for respondents and customers to provide qualitative insights without ever attending a focus group.

Our tools provide tangible qualitative insights and responses from all participants.

Our proprietary tools:





Flexible, Fast and Affordable.

With Spot On you can select the best solutions for surveys, dial testing, image analysis, and video/audio responses. Or go deeper with our expert services package.

Solutions & Studies

Faster, Better & Affordable

Spot On provides data and insights faster, better and more affordable than any competitors offering or tools. No more waiting weeks to get in-person insight reports. Get data live and reports in as little as 24 hours. Imagine the cost and time saving in travel, facilities, transportation etc. etc.

Increased confidence rate, and up to 3X deeper insights at scale vs traditional qualitative research. In other words; faster and better.

Trusted by leading-edge brands

...and many more!

Get Ahead... and Stay Ahead

Spot On bring you way ahead; premium tools, including invaluable research, insights, data analytics. Let us show you how you too can be Spot On !

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